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Groomer Insurance from E&L

Whether you are looking for dog groomer insurance or cat groomer insurance, E&L® have the right insurance for you.

E&L® offers comprehensive, low cost dog and cat groomer insurance with a range of competitively priced plans, with excellent levels of cover for groomers and the related grooming equipment.

  • Personal Accident available, up to £12,500

We can increase grooming equipment cover on Deluxe policies for an additional premium

  • Yearly - up to £2000
  • Monthly - up to £3000

Grooming is a serious business and accepting a customer's dog or cat into your care means that you are accepting responsibility for their care. By taking out groomer insurance, you are protecting yourself and your business financially, should you be caught unawares.

Check our Groomers FAQ's

Groomer Policy Information

Maximum benefits before excess STANDARD DELUXE
  MonthlyYearly MonthlyYearly
Vet's fees £300£200 £400£350
Death £300£200 £400£350
Custodial liability £1000£750 £1500£1250
Theft or straying £200£150 £400£350
Advertising and reward £150£100 £250£200
Grooming equipment £500£250 £1500£1000
Public liability £1.5million£1.25million £2million£1.75million
Personal accident If you (policy holder only) are injured while grooming (see below for benefits.)
Death n/an/a £12,500£10,000
Total permanent disablement n/an/a £12,500£10,000
Temporary disablement - £50 per week up to max n/an/a £2,500£2,000
Total and irrecoverable loss of sight in one or both eyes n/an/a £12,500£10,000
Physical severance or complete and irrecoverable loss ofuse of two or more limbs at or above the elbow/knee n/an/a £12,500£10,000
Physical severance or complete and irrecoverable loss ofuse of both hands or feet n/an/a £12,500£10,000
Physical severance or complete and irrecoverable loss ofuse of one limb at or above the elbow/knee n/an/a £6,500£5,000
Physical severance or complete and irrecoverable loss ofuse of one hand or foot n/an/a £6,500£5,000
Loss of two or more fingers or thumbs n/an/a £4,000£3,000
Loss of one finger or thumb n/an/a £1,500£1,000
Replacement staff n/an/a £500£350


Excess is set at £49 for all sections except Public Liability where it is £250.

There are currently no online discounts available

To be eligible for E&L® Groomer Insurance the following conditions must be met:

  • The policyholder is a UK resident aged over 18 years

Policy Summary

The policy summary gives an overview of the benefits our Groomer insurance provides

Groomer Insurance Policy Summary

Policy Wording

The policy wording outlines full details of our Groomer insurance terms and conditions.

Groomer Insurance Policy Wording

To view the above PDFs Adobe Reader must be installed.

Register a Claim

Several of our claim forms are available to download online in PDF format. After completing the form you will be provided with a download link to your requested claim form which you can simply print out, fill in and either fax or post to us.

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Groomer Insurance FAQs

If the following FAQs don't answer your query please have a look at our General FAQs or our Leisure and Lifestyle Insurance FAQs sections.

  • Are my employees covered? What about work experience students.
  • No - we don't provide cover for employer's liability.

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  • If a cat or dog becomes ill whilst in my care will they be covered?
  • Yes, each cat or dog will be covered for vet's fees and death, so long as there were no signs of illness when the pet was taken into your care and the injury or illness was a direct result of the grooming.

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  • If personal accident occurs, are we covered?
  • Yes, you as the owner you will be covered should an injury as a result of accident, whilst grooming occur. Please view our cover to see full details on personal accident cover.

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  • What does the groomer insurance scheme cover?
  • Groomer insurance covers the owners of the dog or cat groomers, as well as their employees and the animals within their care throughout the grooming process.

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  • What if a cat or dog escapes whilst in my care?
  • Should a cat or dog escape from the groomers whilst in your care, we will help you financially through offering advertising and reward for the missing pet, as well as cover for theft or straying.

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  • What if we need replacement staff?
  • Under our deluxe cover we do offer financial help, so that you can find replacement staff.

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  • What is the maximum I can insure my equipment up to?
  • We offer cover up to £3000 on a monthly deluxe policy.

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