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Marrying Abroad

Hints & Tips

The option of getting married abroad and combining your wedding with your honeymoon is appealing to more and more people, it is normally a less expensive and stressful option. The destinations available to people getting married abroad have greatly increased, you can now get married overlooking an Italian lake, on a Caribbean beach or even a castle in Germany.

Overseas weddings are recognised in the UK as long as they do not breach any UK laws governing your eligibility to marry, for example you are awaiting a divorce to come through or are underage.

Getting married abroad can take some of the stress away from the planning process and if you book with a travel tour operator then they will plan nearly everything for you.

Ensure that all the relevant paperwork and visas are in place in plenty of time before the wedding day. It is important to check the laws and legal requirements relating to your specific wedding destination, some countries ask that you have been resident in the country for so many days before the marriage takes place. You may have to stay at your chosen resort or hotel for a number of days in the run up to the wedding to ensure that all paperwork is processed.

It is popular for couples that marry abroad to throw a party when they return to celebrate with the guests that could not attend the ceremony. A nice idea is to personalise your party with a slideshow of your wedding pictures on display for the guests that were unable to be there.