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Hints & Tips

Before planning anything for your wedding it is essential to set your budget for your ceremony and reception. It may not be very romantic, however dealing with the issue of who will be paying for what needs to be established at the initial stages.

Traditionally it used to be the father of the bride who paid for the full wedding and the groom and his family made a small contribution, however times have changed and it is now more common for the couple to pay for the majority of the wedding or for costs to be split between both sets of parents. It is advisable to look into setting up a wedding bank account with a monthly direct debit to help you save towards your big day.

It's easy to get carried away when planning the wedding of your dreams; however you need to be realistic regarding how much you can actually afford. On average weddings cost just over £15,000 and costs can escalate during the months up to the wedding.

It would be a good idea to research into approximate costs and set yourself a budget for each supplier or item needed, for example £300 for the cake and £700 for the photographer. Budget planners are available in most wedding magazines and can be used to keep a record of what you initially agreed on. When getting quotes for each item later on in the planning stage you can then refer to your budget planner and see how this compares to your funds. Whether you are getting hitch in the UK or overseas, it is always worthwhile knowing the costs involved.