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Gift Lists

Hints & Tips

A lot of your guest may wish to purchase a gift for you to celebrate your big day; it is therefore advisable to create a list of items that you require to avoid receiving three toasters! Many large department stores have a wedding gift list service and items can be purchased from a list of items that you have chosen from within the store. It would be wise to get the list set up prior to sending out your wedding invitations and then when sending the invites out include a card with the gift list number on for your guests information.

When setting up your list consider your guests interests and beliefs, it is important to consider your guests tastes and budgets. Some guests, such as close family, may wish to purchase larger more expensive items where as evening guests may wish to purchase a smaller item from the list.

As it is more common for couples to have lived together prior to marriage most couples have the household items they require, therefore alternative gift list ideas are becoming more popular. Couples can opt for lists which contribute to their honeymoon or a new bathroom or kitchen, wine lists or charity lists where the couple decides which charity to donate too.

Acknowledging receipt of the presents in the form of a thank you card is deemed a must and should be done as presents are received or no longer than two weeks after the wedding day itself.