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Where to Keep Your Touring Caravan

Hints & Tips

There are several options available when deciding where to store your caravan. Where you decide to keep your caravan will be affected by your budget and the size of your caravan.

Storing your caravan at home can be the cheapest form of storage and means that your caravan is readily accessible. However some of your neighbours may not appreciate a view of a large caravan out of their window!

Storing your caravan on a caravan site that you visit frequently is another option; this means the caravan will be permanently located on the campsite. The cost of this will depend on the type of site and the site owners.

Open air storage sites can be a cheaper alternative to storing your caravan when its not in use, prices vary depending upon the facilities available there, hard standing sites are likely to cost more than an open field site. These sites are reasonably secure; however security devices should be fitted, and easily accessible throughout the year. However your caravan will be prone to more wear and tear from the weather as it will be vulnerable to the elements all year round.

To keep your caravan out of the seasonal weather it would be advisable to look at inside storage for your caravan, either in a warehouse or barn. This is normally more expensive than open air storage; however your caravan will be protected from the weather conditions and inside storage tends to be more secure.