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Travelling Abroad

Hints & Tips

Owning a touring caravan allows extensive travel for you and your family and this includes travel abroad. Utilising your caravan in this way offers excellent value for money and is a great way to see Europe in a cost effective way.

Often families travel to places such as France and get there via ferry crossing. Upon making a booking, you will be asked for your caravans dimensions and car dimensions, registration number etc. Upon arrival to the ferry port, you will be directed to the appropriate area and you will then filter onto the ferry. You will be guided at all times. Please note that space within the ferry parking bay is minimal. You will not be granted access to the caravan or car once in motion, so you must take all important documentation with you on the upper decks of the boat. Once through the appropriate travel security channels in your European destination, you will be able to go free onto your chosen campsite/s.