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Towing Weight Explained

Hints & Tips

When towing with a caravan, it is essential to be aware of all of the weight ratios involved. Knowing these will keep you safe and legal whilst on the road.

Kerbweight: The UK definition of kerbweight is the weight of your car, including fuel, oil, water and necessary tools. However is does not take into consideration the weight of the driver or passengers.

Train weight: This is the maximum weight that a vehicle (it's own weight plus the weight of the caravan) can tow on the road.

Noseweight: This is the maximum weight that can be applied to the towball.

User Payload: This is the weight you may add to the caravan.

Loading: The way in which you load your caravan is essential. Heavy loads should be placed over the front of the axle. Weight should be distributed evenly. Medium weights should be split between low level cupboards and floor cupboards. Light items only should be placed in the overhead cupboards.