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Towing the Caravan

Hints & Tips

It is important to consider that you have the correct vehicle to tow the weight of the caravan; if this is incorrect then this can result in three points on your license and a £1,000 fine and in turn can affect your insurance.

For the specific car that you will be using to tow with you should know the kerb weight, nose weight and maximum towing limit. The make of car and its engine and specification will determine the weights that can be towed, it is essential to obtain the exact figures to ensure a correct and safe match. You should also be familiar with your caravans Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM).

When towing the caravans MTPLM should not exceed 85 percent of your cars kerb weight. The lowest nose weight of your car and caravan should not be exceeded and the cars maximum towing limit should never be less than MTPLM of the caravan on tow.

To tow your caravan an acceptable towing bracket will need to be professionally fitted to your car. To enable the caravan's road lights to work then at least one 12v electrical connector should be fitted.

There are a few basic rules that will ensure good practice in towing. Ensure that you always tow with good extension towing mirrors fitted to your car. Keep to the correct speed for the type of road that you are on, 60mph for motorways and 50mph on all other major roads, and try to maintain your speed on smaller roads so as not to hold up other traffic behind you. Your speed should be reduced in high wines or extreme weather conditions. It is important to allow more time for slowing down and stopping, and to take more care when turning and exiting junctions. When reversing make sure that you have someone watching and directing you into your intended space.

When loading your caravan for journeys try to aim for even weight distribution from front to back, heavier looser items should be kept at floor level over the axle and looser lighter items towards the top. Loose items should be firmly in place to avoid damage when cornering and try to keep the load as light as possible. When on a long journey stop after roughly an hour and check inside your caravan to make sure that everything is still in place.