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Touring Caravan Layout

Hints & Tips

There are large amounts of caravans available on the market, each with different layouts. When purchasing a caravan it is useful to consider what you will be using the caravan for and what layout will suit your own personal needs and requirement best.

An end kitchen can create more room to move around in the living area, however can cause a stability problem when towing as more weight is at the rear. The main door will help with ventilation, however can get obstructed with the kitchen is in use, and the rear window will allow you to see through when towing. If more workspace within the kitchen is a priority then it is worth considering a corner kitchen, this can also free up space in the main living area and keep the cooking away from the main door. A side kitchen will minimise the amount of work surface available and can cause congestion from people passing each other within the kitchen.

A side dinette is useful for a family with young children as the dinette can be changed into narrow bunk beds for children up to the age of ten. A double dinette is handy for families with older children or for more than two adults on board, normally positioned at the rear of the caravan during the day it can be used as a area to eat and relax and can then be converted to make a double bed with a single bunk above. L-shaped dinette can provide a feeling of space; however they can prove more complicated when changing the area into a bed.

An end washroom offers you more privacy as the bathroom does not open onto the living area and puts all the washing, toilet, changing and dressing facilities in one place away from the living area. This can reduce the overall length of the living area and will not allow through-vision when driving.