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Tourer Accessories

Hints & Tips

If purchasing a new caravan it may come with some accessories already, however all tourers should have certain items such as a 12v battery and gas cylinder.

A 12v battery will allow you to power your lighting and any other electrical items, such as your fridge, when not hooked up to the car. If you intend to use only sites with mains hook-up then this will not be required. A gas cylinder will be needed to power any gas cookers or hobs that your caravan has. A mains lead will be required, these are normally supplied when purchasing a caravan.

Your caravan step will take a lot of wear and tear from daily use so it is sensible to make sure that the step is sturdy and durable, caravans built since 1998 will have a purpose built step. Towing mirrors will be required as your rear view will be impeded by the caravan, these can be door/wing mounted or simple strap on extensions. Two water containers will be required, one for clean water and one for waste.

The following items are unlikely to come with your caravan however they could be useful to own. An awning can be added on to the side of your caravan and can double the size of the caravans living area. Levelling ramps are useful if you are on a sloping pitch, they may not be required however if you are parked on a hard standing pitch. A TV aerial is always useful to have as reception can vary from place to place, your home TV licence will cover you whilst you are touring.