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Second-Hand Touring Caravans

Hints & Tips

If you can not afford to purchase a brand new caravan then purchasing a second hand caravan can be a good choice, it is also a viable choice if you are unsure of making a long term commitment.

As with any big purchase it is important not to rush into anything, do not purchase the first caravan you see, thank your time. It is advisable to view a number of different caravans to give you an idea of what is available within your budget.

There are numerous things to check before buying a second hand caravan, listed below are a few things that you should look out for.

  • Make sure your car is big enough to tow the caravan
  • Ensure the van is a suitable size for your needs
  • Check for any rust around the chassis area and underneath the caravan as this can be expensive problem to fix
  • Check for any water leakage
  • Check everything within the caravan, from the bathroom to windows, any minor damage may help you barter for a reduction in the price
  • The tow hitch should be checked to make sure it moves easily and that the handbrake holds the van when on
  • Look at several vans and compare them against each other, you will probably find that the initial one you looked at was not such a bargain after all
  • Haggle over the price, start with what you are willing to pay and then bargain up

Purchasing your first caravan can be an expensive decision; if you are unsure it will suit you then hire a caravan for a few weeks to see if the caravanning lifestyle suits you.