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Purchasing a Touring Caravan

Hints & Tips

A touring caravan is generally classified as any caravan that can be towed by a normal road going vehicle. There are many different types of touring caravan and the size you choose to tow will depend on the curb weight of your car.

A touring caravan means that you are able to go away whenever you would like and it is reasonably hassle free as there is no checking in or departure dates to worry about, it's your choice to stay however long you wish for. It also provides you with guaranteed luxury accommodation and a home from home whilst on holiday. A touring holiday is a flexible option and if you wished to move around from place to place then this can be done without a great deal of planning or forethought.

When choosing a caravan there are numerous things that you need to consider such as your own personal requirements, your interests and your budget, it is also worth considering who will be using the caravan and where you will be travelling too. If travelling to an out of the way place then a smaller caravan will be easier to manoeuvre however if the area you are travelling to has rougher terrain then a larger more tougher caravan would be beneficial.

It is important to consider that you have the correct vehicle to tow the weight of the caravan, if the car and caravan are incorrectly matched this can result in three points on your license and a £1,000 fine. Most specialist caravan magazines have guides to advise which cars can tow which caravans and these should be legally adhered to.

If you wish to store your caravan on your driveway it would be wise to check the size of your driveway and make sure the caravan will fit onto your driveway before purchasing.

Consideration should also be given to the liveability of the caravan and if it meets your requirements, there should be enough storage, can you comfortably use the bedrooms and the bathroom, is the dining and cooking area large enough to accommodate your party? If you have a larger party or you will be using the caravan for longer breaks then a larger caravan may be more comfortable, a smaller caravan may be more beneficial if there are only a small number in your party or you are away for shorter holidays.

It would be wise to contact a specialist dealer when purchasing the caravan who can advise you on the best make and model of caravan to meet your requirements. A touring caravan is a large investment and it is always wise to buy brand new and from a reputable dealer who should offer a warranty with your purchase.

A caravan should be a long term investment and it would be advisable to use it for at least ten years to obtain value from them as caravans depreciate very quickly. Caravans are prone to more things going wrong with them so it would be advisable to get them serviced regularly and take out insurance.

Single or Double Axle?

There are two types of touring caravans, the single or the double axle. A single axle tourer has one single axle with a two wheel load bearing capacity. The twin axle tourer is built to handle more weight and basically gives you a bigger caravan that is more stable.

Single axle tourers are generally the cheaper option out of the two and are easier to manoeuvre by hand, they tend to be accepted more readily on sites and storage locations and generally easier to level when stopped. A twin axle van can be safer in an number of ways, if balanced correctly they are more stable, generally easier to reverse (however this will depend on your towing vehicle) and they are safer if when driving you encounter a tyre problem such as a blow out as you have three additional wheels to help you slow down safely.