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Caravan Security

Hints & Tips

In order to protect your investment and to ensure that your insurance is valid, you will have to adhere to certain security requirements. Although crime is considered to be down, it is still worthwhile having the protection in place. The two most obvious forms of security that you can use are hitchlocks and wheel clamps.

Hitchlocks: Come in all shapes and sizes, but in order to be secure they must cover the hitch head bolts. Some can be attached when your car and caravan are attached to one another. These are excellent devises for your caravan and car if you visit a service station. They should not be used as the only form of security.

Wheel clamps: These prevent a caravan from moving. Again, this must cover your wheel bolts. You need to check that if your wheel is let down, that the clamp cannot be removed.

You may find that your caravan insurance company stipulates that your locks must be registered with and approved by the sold secure lock company. They will test all products and allocate them with either a silver or gold rating.