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Why choose a static caravan

Hints & Tips

Static caravans are a home from home and are often as well furnished as your home, they are used as an escape and a place to holiday. Static caravans are, as the name suggests a caravan that is static and often kept only in one position for its lifetime. Static caravans can be transported now and again, but this takes time and money.

Often if a family or individual loves a particular place such as Scarborough or the Lake District, they will find a static for sale within that location. The two main considerations are a) the location of your static and b) the static caravan itself.

The static caravan

As with any new purchase, the specification and size of your static caravan will be dependant upon the budget available to you. new static's start at around £14,000 and can go past the £50,000 mark if you want something larger and more luxurious. The choice really is yours depending on what you want to get from your caravan and the amount of days you are planning on spending there a year. The luxury caravans will most probably overshadow your own home in terms of fixtures and figures, because you are escaping to a holiday destination.

You need to consider what is important to you. Do you want to be able to cook for the family, or will you be eating out and having BBQ's? Is the bathroom important, how many sleeping areas do you need and do you have small children? If you are staying for longer periods storage may be an issue, where as if you are simply visiting for a day here and there, you may be more concerned with larger living areas to socialise.

You can either buy a caravan and look for a static site, or buy your caravan from the site you want. Choosing a site can be the hardest task of the bunch, as like with a house, you cannot move the static. Also you may find that the insurer has restrictions on where your static can be situated.

The static site

Finding a place that you love and like to visit time and time again, all year round is often the easy bit. However finding a site that accommodates all of these needs is slightly harder. You may struggle to find a perfect site nearby your favourite destination, so be ready to make compromises, whether this is in terms of the distance between your destination and your static, or in terms of waiting for a static to become available.

You will need to carefully consider the plot before committing, is it safe for children, secure? And does it have the correct facilities on site for you to use whilst staying.

Another major consideration may be that you have to think carefully about the environmental issues affecting the insurance of your static. Some insurers will not cover you, or will increase your premium if you are staying somewhere at risk of flooding or corrosion of land.