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Do I let my senior cat outdoors?

Hints & Tips

If you have or take on a senior cat, you will have to consider whether or not you want them to venture outdoors? It is worth considering their past lifestyle if you have taken the cat on part way through its life, in addition to this it is worth considering your cat's health.

Outdoor cats:

There are numerous outdoor dangers such as toxic plants, dogs, cruel people, inquisitive children and cars etc.

Are any illnesses or accidents likely to happen?

  • It is worthwhile knowing that some diseases cannot be treated, such as Feline Aids. By letting your cat out, they may become at risk.
  • Anti-freeze - Make sure that you never drop any of have any open bottles accessible. The taste is loved by cats, yet eating it can prove fatal.
  • Skin Cancer may be an issue if you have a light coloured, short haired cat.
  • Hanging/Choking - If sending your cat out, make sure that you have a collar that will quick release if you cat gets caught or hooked. That way if they get stuck by their collar, it will come off, freeing them.
  • Fighting - Like humans, not all cats will get along. Unfortunately fighting may leave your cat open to infection and painful injury. There is also the risk of pregnancy.

Another consideration is that your cat may bring home unwanted treats such as birds, rabbits, squirrels and mice. Fancy finding one of those on your doorstep!

Consider your neighbours, some of the issues may be:

Toilet stops: Be aware that your cat may go to the toilet in yours and your neighbours gardens, which may be irritating and cause anger.

Hazards: Although you can select what plants to have in your garden, you can't stipulate what neighbours can have in theirs. Be aware that you could be opening your cat up to infection.

Indoor cats:

There are numerous benefits to keeping your senior cat indoors. As the cat ages, its reactions, eyesight and immune system will worsen, so keeping your cat indoors is a good option for keeping them safe.

It is a common misconception that an indoor cat is lazier and less sprightly than an outdoor cat. This is untrue an there are now more and more ways to keep your senior cat entertained in the home. A scratching post may also be necessary to ensure your furniture does not get damaged.

Keeping your cat inside can be a great way of increasing your life expectancy.