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Organising an Overseas Wedding

Hints & Tips

Getting married overseas may be your dream, however there are some important considerations if this is the route you are thinking of going down. Don't always presume it will be the cheaper option either. As the popularity for overseas weddings is growing, prices are, in some cases increasing.

It is essential and key to plan your wedding and your contacts well, if you are getting married abroad. You cant just pop to your loal venue for inspiration, or taste the food in advance, therefore try and choose either a company or a dedicated hotel complete with planner to organise the finer details for you. Call upon family and friends who may be visiting the destinations for their input and ideas and use the internet as this is a valuable tool for information finding.

There are many reasons why people will choose to marry abroad such as:

  • Weather
  • Views
  • Cultural Influences
  • Variation from friends and families weddings

There are many reasons why a couple may decide to pursue an overseas wedding. Such as when one party is serving in the military abroad, when a parent or other family member lives overseas or sometimes just because they want to get away from all the stress of inviting people to a wedding back home. If they are getting married abroad for the last reason, it is a good idea to get married near the honeymoon location.

Obviously a hot sunny climate is preferred for most overseas weddings but you need to do your research to make sure that you are not planning your big day during the monsoon or earthquake season.

Consider using a professional wedding planner or specialist travel agent to help organise your big day.

Hiring a reputable wedding planning company or using a travel agent that specialises in overseas weddings will help ensure that your wedding goes smoothly. Using these types of specialist organisations will prove invaluable in arranging an overseas wedding as they will know all the best locations for the wedding ceremony and the reception, which caterers can be trusted, which local photographer to use and a thousand other little details that may get overlooked if you try to do it yourself. Even knowing which flower shops offer the best arrangements, which local hairdresser to use or where to order the best wine can make all the difference.

A busy bride will have more than enough to handle with choosing her wedding gown, getting passports and making travel arrangements. A qualified overseas wedding planner can take a large share of the burden off her shoulders and allow the bride to actually enjoy her wedding day! (and honeymoon)

A reliable wedding planner will ensure that your special day runs smoothly without incident.

Getting married abroad creates memories that will last forever and you will want everything to be perfect. Minor mishaps can help keep things light and fun, but major foul ups like the cake not arriving on time or the food being undercooked can ruin things for everyone and turn your overseas wedding into a nightmare. Allowing a wedding planner to iron out all the details so that you can focus on what's really important like the honeymoon and marriage will make the memories happy and positive.