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What leisure and lifestyle?

Hints & Tips

Now, more than ever, as a nation we work much harder in order to live life to the fullest and fulfil our need for leisure time and we aim to use our free time more effectively. That's why there has been a growth in the leisure and lifestyle activities accessible to all.

Leisure time can be described as 'free time' and is a period of time spent out of work and essential domestic activity. It is also the period of recreational and discretionary time before or after compulsory activities such as eating and sleeping, going to work or running a business, attending school and doing homework.

Sundays used to be a very special day of the week in Britain and it was the one day in the week considered to be people's day off to relax. The day was traditionally used for DIY and worship, however this is no longer the case. Gone are the days when shops were closed for a 'day of rest'. This shift in tradition allowed for much more free time and therefore led to a boom in the leisure industry.

Cycling, Fishing, Golf and Camping are just a few of the activities that we now pursue on an evening and weekend. Not to mention the countless holidays that people take throughout the year.

Get out and explore what your local town or region has to offer today!

How can I find activities in my local area?

There are many local and national leisure activities that can be undertaken in your leisure time. In order to source these you could:

  • Ask friends and family
  • Join a club
  • Visit your local tourist board
  • Go online.

Life is there to be lived, so explore your local area for great days out. It is worth considering the start up costs of your potential new outdoor hobby, as you may be shocked as to how cheap or expensive something can be to start or maintain.


If you are going to be building up a collection of items for your hobby, think about whether a) you can afford to replace them if they were lost, damaged or stolen?, b) the cost of being off work or missing important competitions if you were injured and c) the cost of claims against you if you cause damage. By taking out a suitable policy from our leisure and lifestyle insurance range, you will be able to protect yourself financially if anything were to happen to you. Take a look at our leisure and lifestyle insurance policies today.