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Hints & Tips

Getting into a grooming routine with your horse will get you into the habit of covering all areas, and will also enable your horse to relax, as he will be able to guess what area you will focus on next.

Horses require a routine of daily and weekly care, and depending on whether they are more often stabled or out in the field will determine the type and frequency of grooming needed.

There are particular brushes and equipment needed for grooming a horse. Grooming keeps a horse's coat in good condition and also aids circulation with the action of the brushes on his body.


There is an array of brushes that are required for grooming, and the ones you require will be dependent on your horse's breed, as different breeds have different coats. Here is a breakdown of common horse brushes:

  • Dandy Brush removes dry surface dirt and is for use on the less sensitive parts of your horse as the bristles are fairly hard.
  • Body Brush a softer brush for removing grease and dirt.
  • Curry Combs a metal curry comb can be used to clean the body brush, important to ensure any grease and dirt is not put back on your horse the next time you use the body brush. A rubber curry comb is for removing mud and loose hair from your horse.
  • Water Brush used to apply water to the horse when you are washing him.
  • Mane Comb used on both the mane and tail to stop them getting tangled.
  • Stable Rubber this gives the final polish to a horse's coat to make it shiny and glossy.

You can choose which area you begin grooming, but many people begin with the hooves. You need to pick these out to ensure that no infection is caused from mud or anything else on the ground.

One of the best things that grooming achieves is strengthening the bond between you and your horse. Maintaining the daily and weekly routine will result in a happy horse and a happy rider!