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Women's Golf

Hints & Tips

Women's golf has become increasingly popular over the last few years, both as a hobby or past time and it's even great to play golf as a use of business networking.

Women's classes are available at most golf courses, these classes are normally run by the club professional and consist of a group of ladies wishing to learn. These classes can teach you the basic shots and the right clubs to use for the right shots helping you to improve your game. Learning the rules of golf would be beneficial for when you do start playing on the golf course and the classes may help teach you these, however investing in a good book may be a sensible idea.

When purchasing your first set of standard made golf clubs it is important to note that standard women's golf clubs are made different to men's. Usually most women's clubs are made slightly shorter, normally one inch, in length for each club. The shafts may also be made more flexible. These bought 'off the rack' clubs are normally made this way as manufacturers assume that all women golfers have slower swing speeds and are less athletically inclined than men, which is not always the case.

Ensuring that your clubs are fitted correctly for you is essential, this will help your game and improve your swing. Graphite shafts are normally recommended to women as they are a much lighter club and therefore easier to swing. The graphite shafts do tend to be more expensive however they are good for a beginner or a lady golfer who prefers the lightness of the club.

The range of clothing and accessories for women golfers is extensive; there are now specific ranges available on the market made for women only. These items have been designed with women in mind, and tend to be more elegant and stylish in design.