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Types of Golf Shots

Hints & Tips

Every shot in golf will be different to one another due to the lie of the ball and the path the ball needs to take. Most shots played by golfers will fall into one of the following categories.

An approach shot is made when the golfers wish to place their ball onto the green; this shot would normally be within 120 yards of the green.

Drive shots are a big shot which cover a lot of distance, normally taken as a tee shot or from on the fairway to get the ball towards the green.

A punch shot is normally played when you are not positioned on the fairway to avoid a canopy of trees or other obstructions. This shot is a low shot and can vary in distance dependent upon how far the ball needs to travel.

A chip short is normally a short distance shot, without going for a full swing, and can be played to get the ball on to the green or as a way to avoid hazards.

When you are trying to avoid hazards or to get a better position to putt the ball a lay up shot can be used. These shots are generally taken from the fairway and can be very similar to a drive, however normally shorter in distance and more accurate.

One of the final shots of the round will be the putt shot, taking place on the green this shot is used to shoot the ball into the hole.

When making your shot it is important to have the correct stance as this will help you create a golf swing that is consistent and powerful. The key to a good golf stance is balance and to achieve this weight should be centred over the balls of your feet. Practicing your golf stance will help you to find your balance and improve your shot.