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Types of Golf Courses

Hints & Tips

All golf courses are designed individually and no two are the same, however they can be grouped into the following categories.

Link golf courses are the most traditional type of golf courses, normally located in coastal areas on grassy strips of sandy land. The term links refers to the type of soil and terrain which makes up the course. This type of course can provide a real challenge for players as the weather can be extremely unpredictable and the course itself can also be fairly unpredictable with hidden bunkers.

Heathland courses are similar to link courses however they do tend to be further inland rather than coastal locations. The courses are normally sited on land that is sparsely covered and is not suitable for agriculture.

Often found inland within the grounds of stately homes and run as private clubs are parkland clubs. The grounds are normally maintained to a high standard and the greens are kept well, hazards and features such as trees can be very prominent on these courses.

Woodland golf clubs are situated in woodland areas and can provide a very atmospheric game of golf. The fairways and greens are carved into the landscape and can provide a challenge to golfers.

Other types of courses have been introduced over the past several years; desert courses are popular in the USA and the Middle East, sand courses and even snow or ice courses, and each of these provides their own individual trials for the golfer.