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Safety on the Golf Course

Hints & Tips

Safety on the golf course is a key issue; golf involves the swinging of hard clubs to hit small solid balls at high speed and if you get in the way of either of these it could be dangerous. Some basic safety rules should be followed and this will ensure that golf is a very safe sport and that injuries do not occur.

When practising your swing or making a stroke you should ensure that there is no one around you that could get hurt or is in a position to be hit by the ball or club. You should not play your shot until the players in front are out of range and will not be in any danger from your shot. If you have played your ball and it is heading towards another person, then you should shout a warning, the traditional word of warning is 'fore'. The warning should be done as early as possible to enable the person to take cover. Due to a high court ruling in 1998, even if you shout 'fore' you are still liable for shots that you play that cause injury to third parties and their property.

Eighteen holes of golf can take a long time to play, therefore in hot weather adequate sun protection should be used and it would be advisable that sun screen is carried in your bag at all times. It is also important that adequate fluid, such as water or energy drinks, are drunk during the game, no matter what the weather conditions, to keep your body hydrated. It would be advisable to avoid alcohol whilst playing as this can dehydrate the body and also have a harmful effect on you as a player. In extreme weather conditions, such as thunder and lightening, players should make their way off the course.

Clubs should be carried safely around the course and a buggy used if required. Golf buggies are provided on many golf courses and many come with their own set of safety rules, familiarise yourself with these rules before setting off. A premium will also be charged in most cases.

It is advisable that players carry a mobile phone around the golf course in case of emergency, however during play it should be turned off, as it is deemed rude and may be against the regulations of the golf club.