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Play of the Game

Hints & Tips

Golf is a game played on a course with either 9 or 18 holes spaced apart at different intervals. The object of the game being for the player to navigate a hard ball around the course with the use of different style clubs. The aim of the game is to get the ball into each hole on the golf course with the lowest possible number of strokes. Each golf course has an individual design and consists usually of 9 or 18 holes; the hole on the green normally has a flag on a pole positioned so that it can be seen from some distance.

Play begins from the teeing area at the start of each hole and players must aim to drive the ball onto the 'fairway', here the grass is cut so low that most balls can be easily played. This area is surrounded by the 'rough' which is uncut grass or unprepared ground. Players aim is to get the ball onto the 'putting green' which is the area surrounding the hole, the grass here is cut very short to enable the golf ball to run over several metres. Once the ball is on the putting green, the ball can be 'putted' into the hole; the ball should not leave the ground on this shot. The difficulty of a hole can be affected by different hazards which can hinder play, normally sand bunkers or water hazards such as lakes and ponds.

Each hole is classified by its par which is determined by the length of each individual hole, with each hole being either a par three, four or five, depending on the length of the tee to the green. Par basically means the number of strokes per hole it should take a player to get the ball in the hole. Generally holes that are up to 250 yards from the teeing area are classed as par three, 251 to 475 yards from the teeing area are classed as par fours and any hole that is above 475 yards from the hole is considered a par five. This system can also grade the overall difficulty of an entire course, the total par of an 18 hole golf course is usually around 72.