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Golfing Accessories

Hints & Tips

As you become more advanced in the game of golf there are numerous other accessories that you can purchase that will aid and assist your game.

Tees are used to rest the golf ball on top for an easier shot; they are either wooden or plastic and can be pushed into the ground. They are only allowed for the first shot of each hole. They are inexpensive and quite disposable and during the course of play it is common to damage or break several of them. Tee lengths can vary, the longer the tee the higher off the ground the ball will be positioned.

The most important thing to consider when playing golf is the weather, it is important that you are dressed correctly for the conditions. Sunglasses or a cap or hat can be beneficial if playing in sunny and warm conditions. Investing in good quality waterproof clothing to protect against rain will keep you warm and dry. Your golf club may also have set rules regarding what type of clothing that you are allowed to wear so it is best to look into this to ensure that you meet their regulations.

Golf gloves can be used when gripping the club; these can prevent blisters when gripping the club and improve your grip. It is usual for only one glove to be worn, if you are a right handed player the glove is normally worn on the left hand or the right hand for a left handed player.

Covers that are placed over your golf clubs can protect your clubs from hitting each other within the bag and also from weather and accidental damage whilst in the bag. They can also make it easier to identify which club is which and can be personalized to make them more individual to the player.

A ball marker is normally a flat round piece of plastic, or a coin, which is used when on the green. If the ball is in the way of an opponents putting line or needs to be cleaned, then the ball marker can mark the position of the ball allowing the ball to be picked up.

Pitch mark repairers are used to repair a mark in the green where a ball has hit the ground. Pitch mark repairers are pushed down next to the mark and this will push gently inwards from all sides, this loosens the turf and will allow rapid regrowth of grass. The pitch mark repairer will also flatten the mark to smooth the putting service.

Other items that you may wish to carry are an umbrella to protect against the weather, a towel to clean your clubs, a ball washer to clean your golf balls on the way round the golf course, digital scorecards and much more. New golfing accessories to assist and aid your game are released onto the market frequently; however it is worth checking with your golf club if they have any regulations on prohibited equipment.