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Golf Etiquette

Hints & Tips

Golf etiquette is an essential part of the game and should be considered when you are learning to play; these traditions help to maintain the prestige of the game. Many of the rules of golf etiquette are there to relate to the safety of golfers, the pace of play (which help keeps the game enjoyable) and other rules that relate to the maintenance of the golf course. If these golf etiquette rules are broken there are no penalties, however it's advisable as a player to follow the rules of golf etiquette to improve everybody's playing experience.

Prior to starting the game there are a number of things to consider regarding the etiquette of the game. Ensure that your mobile is switched off; most clubs do not allow them on the course or in the clubhouse. Ensure that you are ready to play your shot when it is your turn and wait until the group in front is out of range before playing your shot. When others are playing it is important to stand still and quiet and ensure that your shadow is not across their line of play.

Whilst playing your round of golf it is important to avoid standing in another player's line of putt on the green or in the way of their next shot. Once all shots have been played then ensure that you leave the course as you found it, put all divots back, repair any marks on the green and rake bunkers. To save time and to keep the game moving, mark your score card on the next tee rather than on the green while your opponent is playing their shot. If you think you have lost a ball, then you must play a second 'provisional' ball from the same spot to save you walking back if you have lost the first one.

If your ball has become lost then the rules state that you have five minutes to find it, if another group are coming up behind you then allow them to pass you while you locate your ball. If the group you are playing in falls more than one hole behind the group in front and there is another group behind, then you should allow the group behind to play through. If your group is being held up then do not hit your ball into the group to try to speed them up, this can be dangerous and it is not deemed acceptable behaviour.

If you hit a bad shot then remain calm and do not lose your temper, your opponents are trying to enjoy their day as well. On the other hand if you play an exceptional shot, keep your celebrations to a minimum as others near you may be concentrating on their next shot. At the end of the game be courteous and shake hands with your partner, whether you have been successful or not!

Familiarising yourself with the rules of the club you are playing at will ensure that you do not offend or insult other players. The main things to keep in mind are to pay the game safely and adhere to all safety rules on the course, keep your game moving and maintain a good pace to ensure that you are not holding up other players and ensure that you are kind to the course on your way round. Always leave the course in the way that you found it and maintain a professional and quiet persona around the course.