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Golf Clubs

Hints & Tips

The rules state that you are only allowed to carry fourteen clubs in your bag. These fourteen clubs normally consist of three woods, eight irons and a putter and two more clubs of your choice, maybe a speciality wood or another iron.

Choosing the correct clubs from the outset can aid your learning process and enable you to enjoy the game of golf much quicker. Poorly fitted golf clubs can hinder you hitting the ball and create more difficulties when learning to play, selecting the right set for your size, strength and athletic ability will enable you to learn the game at a quicker and faster pace.

The 'grip' or the handle of your club should be fitted to the size of your hands, this will enable you to swing properly and make the game easier to learn. Standard clubs sold in most shops are fitted with one grip size for men and one for women, if your hands are larger than most then asked to be fitted with an oversized grip.

The shaft of the club, the long narrow rod that connects the handle to the club head, can be made from either steel or graphite. Graphite shafts mean that the clubs will be much lighter than steel shafts, and are much better for golfers of average to below average strength. Choosing a golf club that is too heavy may mean that it could take longer to hit the ball well enough.

There are a number of different types of golf club and these are used for different shots around the course. There are generally three types of club, woods which are used for long distance shots, irons that can be used for a variety of shots, and putters which are used mainly on the green to roll the ball into the hole.

For long shots it would be advisable to use a wood, these can be used to drive the ball a great distance down the fairway towards the hole. A wood is a hollow-bodied large headed golf club.

For shots approaching the green or more difficult shots such as from the rough, then an iron should be used. These are clubs with a flat angled face and a shorter shaft than a wood.

Wedges can be used for short distance, high-altitude, high accuracy shots such as hitting the ball onto the green, placing the ball accurately on the fairways or for hitting the ball out of hazards or the rough.

The other main type of club is a putter; they are primarily used to roll the ball along the grass, normally from a point on the putting green towards and into the hole.

Before purchasing your golf clubs it would be advisable to test out various clubs on the driving range, many golf clubs will have various sets that you can try before you buy.