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Hints & Tips

Weather is a vital concern to anglers and can affect the quality of your catch; the weather conditions can influence the flow of the rivers, the swell of the sea and the clarity of the water. Coarse fish are known to be particularly sensitive to weather conditions.

Water temperature can affect fishing greatly as different species of fish are active at different temperature levels.

The best type of weather to fish in would be a warm, overcast day with a slight wind. If the weather is too hot then fish will stay away from the bait, in hot weather anglers are likely to find it more effective to fish during the cooler parts of the day, such as before 8am or after 6pm.

If the weather is cold then fish tend to go deeper within the water for warmth. During the winter months the fish may also become dormant to enable and aid them in conserving heat energy and due to the lack of food.Rain and bad weather have an affect on game fishing in particular. Fish are more likely to search for food before and after bad weather when the water has been disturbed. It is not advisable to go fishing when it is thunder and lightening, the fish tend to get scared away and also if you are using a carbon fibre fishing rod these are highly conductive and can make an ideal lightening conductor.