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Useful and Luxury Accessories

Hints & Tips

After purchasing your basic equipment there are many other accessories that you can purchase to aid and improve your fishing.

Useful accessories

There are many items that can be purchased to help and improve your fishing trip; here we look at a number of useful accessories that will aid you.

A disgorger is a tool that will help you extract your hook from the fish. A disgorger is normally a slender length of moulded plastic or aluminium that will help the hooks be removed easily and effectively.

A landing net is a net that is attached to a long handle which can help the angler gather the fish safely. The net will assist you in getting the fish on to the bank. The size of the net you purchase should cater for the size of fish that you are trying to catch.

A keep net is a net that holds caught fish until they are released. These nets should only be used for a few hours, it is important that you do not keep fish in them for too long or in hot weather as the fish can suffer.

Weighing scales can be useful in weighing your fish once you have caught them, useful when competing in competitions.

Rod holders can be used to place your rod in when waiting for the fish to bite, some holders can hold more than one rod. They are perfect for keeping your rods secure and neat.

Many fisheries insist that anglers have an unhooking mat to prevent damage to fish. The mat is generally a large, soft and padded mat that the fish are placed upon when the hook is being removed. The mat should ensure that the fish stay safe at all times and that the fish are not subjected to any hard surfaces.

Luxury Items

As you become more advanced in fishing and spend more time by the water you may like to purchase some more luxury items that can make your trip a more enjoyable experience.

Items such as tackle seats or chairs, umbrellas and even fishing tents can make your fishing trip a more comfortable experience and help to protect against most weather conditions.

Protective bags can also be purchased, such as reel bags, to protect your equipment.