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Tips for Beginners

Hints & Tips

When starting out in angling there is a lot to take on board, here we provide some useful tips to help you.

  • Buy good quality tackle but do not overspend.
  • Research different kinds of fish and do some readings about their specific habits.
  • Research your bait as different bait can attract different fish, maggots are a good starting point but try and experiment.
  • Check if a licence is required and find out as much information regarding the rules and regulations of the waters you intend to fish in.
  • Fish feed at first and last light so to ensure that you get the best catch you will need to fish early in the morning or late in the evening.
  • Fish are attracted to smell therefore it is important if using fresh bait to change your bait every twenty minutes so that it stays fresh and the smell does not wash out.
  • Fish are also attracted to movement, flicking your bait occasionally will help them to detect the bait.
  • Take suitable clothing and waterproofs to protect against the weather conditions.
  • If fishing in salt water conditions, when finished gently rinse or wipe off your rods and reels with fresh water.
  • After use reels and rods should be dried with a soft absorbent cloth or left to drip dry.
  • Your rods and reels should be stored in a cool dry place preferably vertically or horizontally to avoid warping.