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Safety Tips

Hints & Tips

Fishing is a fairly safe pastime however there are some key issues that should be observed to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

  • Clear up any litter - take it home and put it in the bin. Litter can damage the environment and wildlife in the area.
  • Beware of birds - birds can swim into your line or pick up surface baits. You should retrieve your line when float fishing if there is any risk of a bird swimming through it.
  • Feeding the birds - do not feed the birds as they then start to associate food with people and therefore there is a greater risk of them getting tangled in the lines.
  • Watch out for wildlife - if any large birds, such as swans or geese, become entangled in your line, cut the line and report the incident to a rescue organisation. If the animal is in need of treatment, reassure the animal by holding them comfortable in a small box or other dark space.
  • Signs - make sure you are aware of any signs stating that fishing is not allowed in certain stretches of waterway or that fishing is restricted to members only.
  • Watch your rod at all times - unattended rods can increase the risk of birds becoming entangled in your line.