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Safety Measures

Hints & Tips

There are a number of issues to consider when fishing ensuring that you remain safe and so do others.

Take care when looking for a spot to fish, it is important not to fish within 30 metres of overhead power lines, electricity can jump to your rod. So when choosing where to fish look up for power lines! It is also advisable to look over shoulder before you cast your rod, you do not know who could be behind you.

If wading into the water then you should always wear a wading belt in case you slip in the water. Non slip shoes can prevent slipping however it is important to choose the correct shoe for the type of fishing that you are doing. If wading into the water then you should carry a wading staff to help you stand in the water.

When fishing in fast moving water then you should always have an exit strategy in place just in case of an emergency, water levels can rise quickly and you should be prepared. Also when fishing within fast moving water you should be aware of sticks and debris that could be in the water.

If fishing at sea then a life jacket should be worn no matter how confident a swimmer you are, if children are with you then they should wear life jackets at all times. The water currents of the sea should also be considered, the current can change very quickly so be careful not to fish in water where you could be dragged by the current as you could quickly find yourself in trouble.

There are a number of prevention methods that can help you to stay safe when fishing. Firstly check the weather before you depart for your fishing trip, this will allow you to dress appropriately. If possible it is advisable to fish with another person in case there is an accident. Before you depart for your fishing trip you should always tell people where you are going and when you are expected to return.