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Looking After Your Equipment

Hints & Tips

After a long day fishing it is important to check your equipment and clean it if necessary.

Your rods should be visually checked to ensure that there is no damage to them and should be washed after each fishing trip. If your rod is very dirty then it can be scrubbed with a light brush. When storing your rods they should be kept in a place where they can not be stepped on or crushed and that is away from excessive heat. Your rods and reels should be stored in a cool dry place preferably vertically or horizontally to avoid warping. Your rod should not be bent more that 90 degrees as this will put unnecessary stress on the rod.

Reels can be affected by fresh or salt water. Your reel should be removed from the rod and cleaned and checked over. Protect your reel by lightly oiling or greasing it on a regular basis.

After using any of your equipment in salt water then your tackle should be rinsed with fresh water.