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Laws and Regulations

Hints & Tips

There are a number of laws and regulations that should be observed when fishing or angling.

If you wish to fish for salmon, sea trout, trout, freshwater fish or eels in any water in England and Wales and are over the age of 17 you must have an Environment Agency rod fishing licence. If you are fishing in any estuary or in the sea, up to six miles from the shore, a licence will be needed. If aged from 12 to anyone less than 17 years old and you are fishing for salmon, sea trout, course fish and non migratory trout you will need to purchase a junior licence. Junior licences are available at a reduced price. Rod fishing licences are available from Post Offices in England and Wales and also from a range of local distributors; a list of these distributors is available from your local environment agency.

Most rivers and waterways are owned and controlled by fishing clubs, associations or private estates. Permission will need to be obtained from the owners if you wish to fish there. Joining a fishing club will provide access to water that is well stocked and replenished with fish on a regular basis, this may be expensive and there could be a waiting list. If you are new to fishing then there is the option to purchase day tickets for fishing clubs or some lakes and reservoirs offer daily and weekly permits to enable you to fish there.

Many fisheries have their own rules and regulations and these should be adhered to when fishing on their grounds. Rules could relate to what type of bait is used within their water or how many fish you are allowed to catch and kill.