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Fishing Holidays

Hints & Tips

If you enjoy fishing then why not extend your love of the sport into a holiday, different locations can provide different challenges to the fisherman. Fishing holidays are very popular and are available worldwide.

Holidays can be organised independently or there are many companies that organise the entire trip for you with excursions and lessons. It is important that you have the right equipment and tackle for your surroundings and the type of fish in that specific area.

Once you have booked your fishing holiday you will need to consider what tackle you wish to take with you, fishing in your local area means that you can pack your car up with everything you may need however you will have to travel a lot lighter if going further afield!

The main tackle that you should consider taking are your rods, reels and lines. Most airlines are happy to carry these abroad for you; however it would be wise to double check this before you travel. The reels and lines that you choose to take should be chosen for their suitability and versatility to enable you to fish in a number of different scenarios. If you are taking your own equipment then you should be prepared for the fact that it could get damaged or broken during the journey, make sure that you have insured your tackle prior to travel in case an accident does happen. The other option is to consider hiring any equipment required when you get to your location, this can save a lot of hassle and also luggage!

When packing for your holiday you should consider the weather and the fishing conditions at your chosen destination, take adequate and sensible clothing for the location.