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Fishing Clothing

Hints & Tips

It is important that you wear the correct clothing when fishing to ensure you stay warm and dry whilst braving the elements.

Waterproof clothing is essential to protect against the elements and ensure you stay dry. A set of dungarees that clips into position over the shoulder at the front, known as bib and braces, will protect against the weather and can also prevent the water getting underneath them. Over trousers can be pulled on over everyday clothing, the trousers tend to be waxed to allow water to run off and therefore cutting down on any water that may seep through.

Sensible footwear should be worn to ensure you avoid slipping and minimise the amount of water that gets in your footwear. Wellington boots and waders are a good option and the tops of the boots can be secured with tape or other material to close the gaps at the top of the boot. Rubber soles will be ideal for fishing when near sand, gravel or silt, felt soles will be beneficial if fishing in rocky river beds and cleated soles will be most productive when fishing in swift water.

Waders are a useful accessory for angling; these high topped waterproof boots are designed to allow the angler to stand in relatively deep water without getting wet. When purchasing your waders it is important to try them on with clothing that you normally wear when fishing to ensure that they fit comfortably and that you can move freely.

Headwear should also be considered, a warm woolly hat worn in winter to keep the cold out and a light hat worn in summer to protect against the sun would be a sensible idea. Sunglasses can also offer protection against the sun and on sunny days can also help you spot the fish. Sun protection cream should also be worn on warmer days.