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Beginner's Kit

Hints & Tips

The secret to any successful angler is to use a balanced set of equipment which is aimed at the species that you are trying to catch. The equipment that you will use to catch fish can also be known as 'tackle'.

When starting out in fishing purchasing all your equipment at the outset can be very expensive, there are numerous suppliers that do sell low-priced beginners sets which include all the basics you will need to get started. Purchasing one of these sets will enable you to evaluate the sport and learn the basics before you invest in more expensive equipment that could last you a life time. There are some basic bits of tackle that you will need:

  • Float rod or small fishing pole;
  • Small fixed reel if using a rod;
  • 3lb breaking strain line;
  • Small selection of waggler floats or ready tied pole rigs;
  • Box of mixed lead free split shot;
  • Hooks ready tied to nylon (size 16 or 18);
  • Small bait catapult;
  • Rod rest;
  • Bait containers;
  • Bait;
  • Landing net and pole;
  • Disgorger.

All of the above items can be purchased from your local tackle shop. The shop should be able to advise you on fishing in general within your area. If you are over the age of twelve then an Environment Agency Rod License will also need to be purchased to enable you to fish legally.

If you are just starting to fish then it may be an idea to take some lessons or tuition from a qualified instructor. Lessons normally last an hour and can help teach you the basics of fishing and provide an insight into the world of angling. Remember as a beginner you should try not to do too much in one go! Quiet and patience are key when fishing.