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Type and Ability

Hints & Tips

When choosing a horse it is important to consider the type of activities you are planning and the care regime you aim to have in place. Different activities require different types and temperaments of horse, so it is vital that you choose one that fits with what you want to do. Choosing an active horse when you are just planning on going hacking would not be suitable for the horse, whereas deciding upon a horse with laid back temperament would be unsuitable for a rider hoping to win first place in competitions.

Knowing your ability as a rider is essential when choosing a horse. You need to know your ability and confidence and then choose a suitable horse for your standard of riding. If you choose a horse that is beyond your capabilities you may lose confidence and not want to ride any more.

Riders wishing to improve their riding skills should think about having an older horse rather than a young or inexperienced one. The horse is more likely to be a suitable candidate, providing it has been properly schooled, and will have the confidence and experience to help a rider to improve.

If you are choosing a horse for a child then it is important for you to be knowledgeable about horses, as you will ultimately be the one responsible for the horse's wellbeing. Equine care courses are available and will teach you the right way to care for a horse.

Riding instruction

Regular riding instruction is beneficial for all riders, whether they have a new-found interest in horses or have been riding for a long time. Make sure you include the costs of riding instruction in your horse-keeping budget.

If you are already having riding lessons you should ask your teacher what sort of horse would be most suitable for you. Your height, weight, fitness level, ability and riding ambitions will also have a bearing on the type of horse that should be considered.

It may be worthwhile choosing a horse described as being a good all-rounder. This way, you are safe to assume that the horse will perform reasonably well in any area of riding, and will allow you to try a variety of different types of riding.