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Time, Responsibility and Dedication

Hints & Tips

Before going ahead and purchasing a horse it is important to think about the commitment and responsibility that will be required. Horses take a great deal of time and care to look after, 365 days of the year - come rain or shine! You need to think about whether you can dedicate enough time every day to a horse, for necessary activities like mucking out the stable, feeding and grooming, as well as for pleasurable aspects like riding!

It may be worthwhile speaking to friends who own horses and see if they will let you help them out for a while. That way you will be able to experience first-hand what it is like to look after a horse, and you will see just how much time and commitment is necessary, before going ahead and getting a horse of your own.

It is also important to take into account the unforeseen costs such as vet's bills if your horse is injured or has an accident. Depending on what you hope to achieve with your horse, there could also be competition fees to think about, not to mention saddlery and tack, food, bedding and shelter costs. It all adds up!

So, before you go out and choose a horse, think long and hard as to whether you can dedicate enough time, money and care that is necessary to the wellbeing of a horse.

Pre-purchase veterinary examination

Organising a pre-purchase veterinary examination is vital before finalising the decision to purchase or enter into a loan agreement for a horse. The veterinary surgeon represents the buyer and will check the horse's health for possible disorders that may mean the horse will not be able to take part in certain activities. A pre-purchase veterinary examination cannot identify everything that may be wrong with the horse and is not a guarantee of long-term good health. Many insurance companies require a copy of this veterinary report before they will consider insuring a horse.