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Protecting Your Investment

Hints & Tips

Choosing to Insure Your Horse

There are a number of reasons why individuals may choose not to insure their horses. It may be because insurance is too expensive, the owner may not know the true value of the horse or some owners may believe their horse isn't valuable enough to insure. By asking yourself if you could afford to lose your horse is the best way to determine if you need to get insurance.

The value of your horse shouldn't play a part in your decision; rather you should base your decision on whether or not you can pay out of pocket to replace your horse should something unforeseen occur. It is a rare exception to find someone who can easily pay out of their pocket if their horse was lost or stolen.

Riders and Tack

It is not just your horse you need to consider when thinking about insurance; there is the risk that you could be injured or your saddlery and tack could be stolen. There are different horse insurance policies available, with some where you can pick or choose the cover and make sure you have the right levels for you and your horse.

There are also policies available for those who ride but don't have their own horse. The focus would be more on personal accident and public liability, but some emergency vet's fees could be covered too.

When looking at horse insurance it is important to find out about vet's fees cover. Some policies give all-round cover, while some have limited cover such as for accident or injury with no illness cover. It is worthwhile having a read of the policy wording to find out exactly what is and isn't covered. It is also important to find out about excess. Excess is the amount that you will need to pay in the event of a claim.

Public liability is also very important to consider when thinking about insurance. Think about how much a public liability claim could come to and about whether or not you would be able to afford the cost. Most companies offer at least £1million public liability cover, just in case something happens with a third party while you are riding your horse.