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Dog Exercise and Play

Hints & Tips

It is important to allow enough time every day to take your dog for a walk. Most dogs have limitless energy and love running around a garden, park or in the woods. How much exercise your dog needs will depend on their breed and size, so it is important to research the breed thoroughly to ensure you are giving them what they require to be healthy and happy.

Puppies should not go for walks until they are older. This is especially important with some breeds as it may affect their growth and bones if you were to take them for walks. When they are fully vaccinated you can take your puppy to the park, and once they are about six months old you should be able to take them for walks but let them walk at their own pace. For some breeds it may be even longer before you can start taking them for proper walks, so doing research into the breed is a must.

There are a number of different toys that will entertain and help to exercise dogs, such as Frisbees, balls and of course, the old favourite, sticks! Unlike cats, dogs will more often than not fetch whatever you throw for them and then rush back to you, drop it at your feet and wait for you to throw it again. This will be repeated many times and will result in you having some exercise as well!

Make sure that you keep your dog on a lead while on public roads and pavements, and around other dogs and people if they are not yet fully socialised and calm in such situations. Once you are in the open space of a park it is usually acceptable to let your dog off the lead and watch them zoom off in every direction. Before you do this, make sure your dog understands the 'come here' order, as you will want them to return to you eventually!

It is important to ensure that there is always fresh drinking water available for dogs, as after all that exercise they will need refreshment.