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I'm going on holiday, should I use a dog boarding kennel?

Hints & Tips

There are many boarding kennels to choose from, and dogs can grow accustomed to their change of environment more quickly than we might at first think. Many boarding kennels are even equipping the living quarters with home comforts such as televisions and sofas, so your dog will settle in and feel more at home with these familiar items around.

It is wise when choosing a kennel to visit a few and get a feel for them. You need to be sure that your dog will be properly looked after and receive the food they like, have warm and comfortable living quarters and will get adequate exercise. If you are not happy with the boarding place then do not send your dog there. The last thing you would want to be doing whilst on holiday is worrying about your dog. Make sure that you choose the right boarding kennel before going away.

When leaving your dog at the boarding place, it is good to leave a familiar blanket or item of clothing that smells of you. This will enable your dog to settle in and feel safe, linking the smell of you with safety and home.

When deciding what to do, your pet's happiness and wellbeing is of paramount importance.

The more recent introduction of pet sitters has become very popular. This is where people come round to your house at least once a day to check on your dog and feed them. They can also take your dog out for their daily walk and play with your pet, ensuring they get enough exercise each day. By leaving your pet at home they remain in their familiar surroundings and their routine is only mildly affected. Make sure you choose a reputable pet sitting company or friend who knows your dog, as you will be allowing these people access to your home and belongings.