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Women-Specific Bikes

Hints & Tips

Women specific bikes were designed to accommodate the differences between men and women; the bike design has been adjusted to meet the particular requirements of female riders.

In general women tend to have shorter arms and torsos, longer legs and a wider pelvis than a man. Most women can ride a standard mans bike once some modifications have been made to the components, such as moving the saddle. However these changes are not ideal and can affect the comfort of the bike; therefore women specific bikes were designed.

Women's specific bikes have been designed with shorter stems, and shorter top tube lengths. Most women have narrower shoulders then men, therefore narrower handlebars are fitted to be more effective, the handlebars should be roughly the same width as your shoulders. As women have smaller hands the brake levers are designed to enable a woman to use them easier.

A ladies saddle can be fitted to all bikes, this will greatly improve the comfort of your ride, the saddle is wider at the rear as the bones on which women sit are wider than males, therefore the specially designed saddle is more comfortable.

It is important to remember that not all women find a women's specific frame a better fit and that standard bikes can be adjusted to fit a woman.