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Where to Lock Your Bike

Hints & Tips

When leaving your bike it is important to leave it in a secure and well lit area with people in the vicinity, locking your bike to something strong and secure will also help.

The best place to lock your bike up would be a cycle parking stand. These are secure embedded bolted stands that are fixed to the ground; they can be found in many city centres and public places. When locking your bike, both of your wheels and the frame should be locked to the stand. It would be advisable to avoid parking that only allows the front wheel to be secured as thieves can detach the front wheel and take the rest of your bike, or parking that only allows the frame to be secured as the wheels can be removed and stolen.

If no suitable parking stands are available then you can use secure immovable street furniture such as lamp posts and railings. It is sensible if doing this to ensure that you do not cause an obstruction to any pedestrians or other traffic as your bike can be removed. If securing your bike to posts or railings make sure that the railings are quite high as your bike could be lifted over the top, even if there is a sign at the top of the post that your lock will not fit around, it is worth noting that if a thief really wants your bike they could unscrew the sign and lift your bike over the top.

When at home if you are storing your bike in your external garage or shed then consider fitting some anchor points for your bike to be secured too. Fitting an intruder alarm or intruder lights to the shed or garage can also help as a deterrent against thieves.