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Travelling With Your Bike

Hints & Tips

If you want to take your bike on holiday or travel with your bike you will need to consider how you will transport your bike from one place to another.

If you are travelling by car then the easiest way to transport your bike will be on a bike rack that attaches to the back or top of your car, most cars with a good rack can carry up to four bikes safely. If you have fitted a bike rack to the top of your car then consider the additional height implications when driving. If your rack attaches to the back of the car then you must ensure that you can still see properly through the rear view mirror and that the cars lights and number plate are still visible, you may need to attach an additional number plate to the bikes so that a number plate can clearly be seen.

If travelling by train or air then bike bags can be purchased, these can be made either from a tough durable material or tough plastic. These bags offer good protection for your bike when in transit and can prevent any damage occurring. Your bikes wheels will need to be removed and the handlebars turned sideways to fit the bike in the bag. Some airlines will take your bicycle for free, however some of the lower cost airlines may charge you a carriage fee. It is important to check with the airline beforehand if they have any rules regarding the carriage of your bike, for example if the tyres need to be let down or certain items removed.