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Civil Partnerships

Hints & Tips

The Civil Partnership Act came into force in December 2005 allowing same sex couples to plan for their wedding ceremonies. The Civil partnership is a legally recognised union of a same sex couple, couples who undertake this union will have the right to exactly the same legal treatment across a range of matters as a married couple would expect.

Civil partnerships can only be conducted by a registrar either at a registry office or in approved premises. If the couple wishes the ceremony can contain vows, music and individual readings.

Although civil partnerships are now legal, they must not have any form of religious activity within them. A civil partnership does not include a ceremony and all wishes to hold a ceremony must be submitted to the registration authority for approval, as with the rest of weddings and ceremonies both in the UK and those held overseas.

Two witnesses will be required to legalise the ceremony and the documents will be signed. Unfortunately as same sex marriages have not been approved or very long, there are still restrictions in place as to where people can get married. Hotels, restaurants and prestigious buildings are often the venues used. As with all weddings, the following process must take place in order to allow a couple to go ahead and marry.

  • Give notice for your intention to marry
  • Wait 15 days for the approval process
  • Sign the official documents in the presence of 2 witnesses