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Civil Partnership Insurance

Hints & Tips

More couples are opting to take out civil partnership insurance to cover the big day against things that could possibly go wrong. Insurance is there as a financial back up to help you should the worst happen.

For a small premium, civil partnership insurance can be taken to cover for things such as cancellation of the ceremony due to illness or any damages to the outfits.

Most ceremonies do go off without any accidents or damages however the extra reassurance of having civil partnership insurance in place can put your mind at rest in the run up to your big day!

What rights are you entitled to after holding a civil partnership?

After a same sex couple have entered into and held their civil partnership, they then have the legal status in place to be known as a ‘civil partner’ and they will be treated (in most cases) in the same way as opposite couples who marry. The rights available to you are:

  • A duty to provide reasonable maintenance for your civil partner and any children of the family.
  • The ability to apply for parental responsibility for your civil partner's child.
  • Equitable treatment for the purposes of assessment for child support, life insurance, tax ( including inheritance tax), employment and pension benefit, inheritance of a tenancy agreement.
  • Recognition under intestacy rules.
  • Access to fatal accidents compensation.
  • Protection from domestic violence.
  • Recognition for immigration and nationality purposes