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I'm going on holiday, should I use a Cattery?

Hints & Tips

When going on holiday it is easy to get carried away and forget that your cat needs to be looked after too. Remember it may not just be you that is taking a holiday.

There are a few options for cat care whilst you are away, such as home pet sitting or catteries. Both are brilliant ways of ensuring care for your cat.

There are many catteries to choose from, cats can grow accustomed to their change of environment more quickly than we might at first think. Many boarding places are even equipping the living quarters of the cattery with home comforts such as televisions and sofas, so your cat will settle in and feel more at home with these familiar items around. Moving from a lively home with children, games and music may be missed by your cat if you take them to a very quiet cattery. Avoiding as much disruption as possible will help your cat greatly.

It is wise when choosing a cattery to visit a few and get a feel for the accommodation, routine and staff. You need to be sure that your cat will be properly looked after and receive the food they like, have warm and comfortable living quarters and will get adequate exercise. If you are not happy with the cattery then do not send your cat there. The last thing you would want to be doing whilst on holiday is worrying about your cat and the care that you have left them in.

Familiarity always assists a stay in a cattery. If you cat has a favourite blanket, toy or bed, make sure you take it with you to the cattery. Not only will it make your cat comfortable, but it will bring the scent from your home, instantly making your cat feel more at home.

When deciding what to do, your cat's happiness and wellbeing is of paramount importance.

Is cat sitting an option for you?

Due to the nature of a cat's lifestyle and cat flaps, you cat will come and go as they please. So just because you are on holiday does not mean that this has to change. If you have a family member or friend who is willing to pop in a few times a day to check on your cat - this may be the best option! Not only will it be cheaper but it will reduce disruption.

Unfortunately not all of us live near to someone or a friendly neighbour that is willing to help us. That's why there has been an increase in the number of pet sitting companies. The cat sitter will come to your house and play with your cat, once or twice a day - feeding it as appropriate. Again this option may be cheaper for you. However it is essential to always make sure that you trust the company as they will be surrounded by your valuables and personal items. They will also be responsible for ensuring they leave your house secure!