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Legal Requirements

Hints & Tips

There are a number of laws that should be followed when towing a caravan for your own and other road user's safety.

It is illegal to carry any passengers in a caravan on the road, pets are allowed to travel within a caravan however this is not advisable.

If towing a caravan the driver must possess a full, not provisional, driving licence. The speed you travel at must also be considered, when towing you should travel up to 50mph on a single carriageway road and 60mph on dual carriageways or motorways. Vehicles towing caravans are not permitted to travel in the outside lane of a three or more lane motorway unless other lanes are blocked.

Caravans must have flashing indicators fitted at the back and a driver needs to ensure that these are working correctly along with two rear lights conforming to certain size requirements and bearing the CE mark. Your caravan must have a rear number plate which matches the towing vehicle and this must be illuminated at night.

If parking your caravan you are not permitted to park at parking meters, in street parking bays as some local by laws can forbid this, anywhere it could cause an obstruction or at night on any road without lights.

Other issues to consider are that caravans do not have to undergo an MOT test as cars do and that the same safety regulations for car tyres apply to caravans. Also worth noting that if your caravan is stored in your garden then it can be used as a spare bedroom to accommodate any extra guests.