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Caravan Repairs and Maintenance

Hints & Tips

Regular servicing of your caravan can maintain the life of the caravan and ensure that you are safe when travelling. Servicing should be done by a qualified technician on a yearly basis.

At the beginning of the caravan season check the tyres, and the spare, for pressure and wear. If you have taken out any furnishings and equipment before winter storage then ensure that these have all been replaced and that everything within the caravan has had a good clean. Check that all facilities work such as the electric, gas and water and that all pipes and drains have been sterilised. It is important to have your caravan serviced annually and the beginning of the season would be a good time for this to be undertaken.

Caravan owners should do regular checks on their vehicle to keep it in pristine and good working condition inside and out. After using your caravan for a holiday it is sensible to give it a good clean and clear out any left over food and drink to deter rodents. Washing the caravan regularly will protect the paintwork and ensure the outside looks clean and tidy.

At the end of the season before putting your caravan away for the winter there are a number of steps that should be taken to protect your caravan. Removing the wheels and standing the vehicle on its axle stands is an option, this can help to deter thieves. Removing the battery and ensuring that it is charged up will avoid damage and ensure that the 12S and 12N plugs are sprayed with a moisture repellent. The fridge door should be left open which will allow air to circulate, seat cushions should be removed to allow air to flow around them and all gas cylinders should be removed and be stored in a cool well ventilated place. All pipes and water heaters should be drained to prevent them freezing and the whole caravan should be cleaned thoroughly.