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Developing Your Photos

Hints & Tips

Once you have taken all your photos then the next step will be to get these images developed, depending on the type of format that your images where created by then there are different ways that these can be developed.

The introduction of digital cameras and related technology has meant an increase in the number of people printing their own digital images at home. Printing digital images from the comfort of your own home is an easy and hassle free process. Printing can be carried out on a standard printer; however it would be more beneficial to use an ink jet printer which has at least six colours. However to achieve more superior results then specialist equipment, such as a specialist digital photo printer and cartridges which are not meant for everyday use, may be required. On the market today there are a number of specialist printers that can print direct from your digital camera via a USB or memory card. Printing your images at home can be an inexpensive option, however if you are printing countless images at a time then the ink cartridges and glossy photo paper can add up and prove to be expensive.

If you are still using a traditional film camera and you wish to develop your own images then you will need to create a traditional dark room. A darkroom is a space which is light free to allow the photographer to use light-sensitive materials to develop film to make photographic prints. Setting up a dark room at home does not have to be expensive and could save you some money on developing costs. Your dark room will need to be a light free space which has running water; certain chemicals and equipment will be needed to enable you to create photographic prints. Portable darkrooms are available and these can be set up anywhere, however they will need to be set up and put away at the beginning and end of every session which is time consuming and damage could be done to the darkroom.

If you do not wish to develop the images yourself then there are many stores on the high street where you can take your films and digital images to be developed. There are many online facilities as well which offer the option of uploading your images online; your developed pictures are then forwarded to you in the post.